September 18, 2020

#DefundDPD At-Home Action Toolkit

#DefundDPD At-Home Action Toolkit

For those looking to join the Day of Action to Stop Police Crimes in Dallas, but are unable to attend the march in person, please use and share this toolkit to support our demands!

1. Sign & Share the Petition to #DefundDPD

Tell Dallas City Council & County Leadership: “Defund the police, invest in community!”
Divest from Police We demand investments in the education, health, and safety of Black people instead of investments in the criminalizing, caging, and harming of Black people. We want divestment from exploitative forces including prisons, fossil fuels, police, and surveillance. As the city…

2. Social Media

Use hashtags #DefundDPD #CommunityControlNow #StopPoliceCrimes on Instagram, Twitter, Twitter, etc. to tell your friends and family about why they should support defunding the police and community control of the police, their budget, and their policies!

Check out the social media toolkit put together by the National Alliance Against Racist & Political Repression at:

And be sure to follow us for updates!

3. Contact US Attorney's Office, Northern District of Texas

Erin Nealy Cox, chair of the Attorney General's Advisory Committee, has been assigned by Trump's appointed U.S. Attorney General William Barr to co-lead a task force to repress activists and protesters from our movement across the country.

Tell her that the people of Dallas and this country want en end to the terror of far-right and white supremacist violence by police and vigilantes, not anti-democratic political repression!

4. Contact Your City Councilperson

The final vote on the Dallas city budget will take place on September 23rd and we need to keep the heat on that we demand divesting funding and resources from the inflated Dallas Police Department and investing in the poorest block and brown communities.

Please use the map below to find your city representative and contact them on the phone if possible, otherwise on social media or email.

Example script:

Hello __________,

My name is ________________ and I am a resident of [NEIGHBORHOOD] in your district. I'm reaching out about the upcoming vote on the Dallas city budget. I am deeply troubled by the continued over-resourcing and over-funding of our police force which has failed again and agin to meet the needs of this city's poorest, especially black and brown people.

While the most disadvantaged neighborhoods in Dallas are surveilled, harassed, and far worse, I hope that you will seriously consider the need to lessen policing and other forces that worsen the economic strain on these communities, and increase the public education, health, and other public services that also reduce crime. I would like you to use your position to take a clear stance on these issues in our budget.

Thank you,

District 1 — Chad West

District 2 — Adam Medrano

Distrtict 3 — Casey Thomas, II

District 4 — Carolyn King Arnold

District 5 — Jaime Resendez

District 6 — Omar Narvaez

District 7 — Adam Bazaldua

District 8 — Tennel Atkins

District 9 — Paula Blackmon

District 10 — Adam McGough

District 11 — Lee Kleinman

District 12 — Cara Mendelsohn

District 13 — Jennifer S. Gates

District 14 — David Blewett

5. Donate!