About Us

Our mission is to unite the people of Dallas around defending and strengthening our democratic rights, and fighting for the wellbeing of all of our city's residents.

We work to eliminate all threats to the human rights and basic freedoms of the people of Dallas. This means ending police misconduct, corruption in the courts, prison profiteering, and economic inequality. The people of Dallas should have the power to control the institutions, laws, and policies that supposedly serve them, and until they do, we will exist to organize and protest for all victims of racist & political repression.

We recognize all the ways that oppression and poverty at home is directly connected to the destruction and war abroad, and how the fight for worker’s rights, and LGBT and women’s rights are also under attack by the same forces. So, we unite with all movements which advance these struggles and envision a Dallas where these movements can be stronger united. Our strategy is not only to respond to incidents of injustice after they happen, but to build towards meaningful change in the power between our neighborhoods and city hall.

We are the Dallas chapter of the National Alliance Against Racist & Political Repression.