June 1, 2020

Dallas Stand Up for Justice

Dallas Stand Up for Justice

We are still demanding justice for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Atatiana Jefferson, and all stolen lives. After the militarized Dallas Police Department attacked protesters multiple days in a row, and illegal curfews have been enacted to suppress dissent, we are not falling for more empty gestures. We will gather on Saturday, June 6th at Belo Garden Park on Main Street in Dallas.

We will not let the city and Dallas Police Department make this about an escalation they incited. As our statement yesterday reads, "There is only one reason an incident like the slaying of George Floyd sparks a collective nationwide outcry; it is not one incident, but thousands upon thousands." This uprising has spread across the country, with demonstrations in over 100 cities, because police terror is a shared experience across America. The laws that police enforce in the US protect private property and profits over human life, punishing the poor and working people while serving the banks and the corporations.

When thousands gathered with us on Saturday, how did the City of Dallas respond? They sent in an army consisting of multiple tanks, dozens of vehicles, and police in riot gear to surround all of the protesters and fire tear gas, continuing to do so while pushing them further and further from their only means of getting home. The sick, healthy, old, young, protestor, and passer-by, peaceful or not, hundreds were wrongfully attacked. They lost their faith in the city that day; they felt searing pain and fear, and we carry this outrage with them.

June 6th, 2PM @ BELO GARDEN PARK, Dallas