February 13, 2024

Hands Off Rafah! Action target Raytheon

Hands Off Rafah! Action target Raytheon

🚨 DALLAS! EMERGENCY ACTION FRIDAY: Last night, the Israeli military’s genocidal assault targeted Rafah, the city that holds more than 1.4 million Palestinians, the majority of whom were displaced from elsewhere in Gaza. Over 70 martyrs and over 230 injured have already been reported in the US-funded Israeli strikes targeting homes, and mosques where many were sheltering.

Israel is threatening a ground invasion in Rafah. We call on our community to take the streets to defend Rafah, Gaza, and all of Palestine. We assert that Rafah is a red line and we must mobilize to demand an end to this genocidal assault. HANDS OFF RAFAH NOW!

The people of Gaza are calling on us, and it is our duty to heed their call. We will not allow our brothers and sisters to die silently, and we will not allow disgusting, genocide-profiteers to exist in our cities peacefully. Raytheon supplies the IOF with ASM missiles for their F-16 jets, cluster bombs, and bunker busters, as well as manufactures engines for its F-15 and F-16 fighter jets. THESE ARE THE WEAPONS KILLING OUR PEOPLE. Israel is committing genocide, the U.S. is giving the green light, and Raytheon and other weapons manufacturers are cheering it on.

📍Raytheon 1717 E CityLine Dr Richardson
🗓️ Friday, February 16
⏱️ 4:00 PM