July 15, 2020

DFW #MassReleaseNow #FreeThemAll At-Home Toolkit

DFW #MassReleaseNow #FreeThemAll At-Home Toolkit

In our fight against this pandemic, we must work to depopulate the Dallas County jail and to provide treatment, testing, and release to the incarcerated population, including torture survivors and the wrongfully convicted.

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Message Scripts

Unable to call or leave a message? Send a message using this form:

Office of the Governor
Gregg Abbot
+1 (512) 463-2000

Main (All Targets)

Hello my name is _________, I am a resident of ________, and I am calling on behalf of [your org, or the Dallas Alliance Against Racist & Political Repression]. Given the present pandemic crisis, I demand that you take immediate action to depopulate our prisons and jails.

Additional for County Judges

I demand that the poor who can’t afford bail be released back to their community immediately. All bail-eligible and vulnerable people (the sick, the older, and those with compromised immune systems) should be released immediately without the need to pay for bail.

Additional for District Attorney & County Commissioners

I demand that you move to drop bail requirements for all eligible cases. I also demand that you move the courts to reduce sentences on an emergency basis for the elderly and medically vulnerable.


Dallas Field Office

  • Marc Moore, Director
    [email protected]
    +1 (214) 424-7800
  • Office of the Principal Legal Advisor
    +1 (972) 373-2300

Dallas County

County District Map

Phone & Email Targets

We ask you to call as often as you are able in order to put pressure on the system. Every phone call helps. See next section for scripts.

Tarrant County

Tarrant County Commisioner Districts

Full Size

Phone & Email Targets

  • County Judge
    Glen Whitley
    +1 (817) 884-1441
  • District Attorney
    Sharen Wilson
    +1 (817) 884-1400
  • Commissioner Precict 1
    Roy Charles Brooks
    +1 (817) 531-5600
  • Commissioner Precict 2
    Devan Allen
    +1 (817) 248-6099
  • Commissioner Precict 3
    Gary Fickes
    +1 (817) 248-6295
  • Commissioner Precict 4
    J.D. Johnson
    +1 (817) 238-4400

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