October 22, 2020

Defend the Election! Demand a People's Mandate

Defend the Election! Demand a People's Mandate

We join cities across the country on November 4th for a post-election protest to demand a president who will enact the progressive measures which are long overdue in this country of gross inequality, rampant police crimes, healthcare apartheid, unabated climate catastrophe, and endless imperialist wars.

November 4th, 5pm @ Dallas City Hall

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We will march to defend the election and for a progressive platform to turn around the economic disaster still unfolding from the mismanagement of our government.


Fair Elections! Count Every Vote!
No Medical Apartheid! Healthcare for All!
Close the Concentration Camps! Stop Deportations!
Prevent Climate Catastrophe!
Stop Police Crimes! Community Control Now!
End Imperialist Wars and Sanctions!
Block Evictions & Utility Shutoffs!