February 8, 2024

Call-In Campaign for DyNell Lane! Today-Tuesday

Call-In Campaign for DyNell Lane! Today-Tuesday

Update: DPD still won't take action—we're bringing this to the city council! https://dub.sh/defend-dynell

Defend DyNell as DPD Delays! Pack City Hall & Flood With Calls!
Another month has gone by while the Dallas Police Department stalls on rendering any disciplinary or correctional action on the officers who broke professional conduct, refused to uphold Texas state law, and showed extreme disdain for city residents in need. Join us to speak up for DyNell Lane on We…

We are not laughing, DPD! This city is no place for officers who refuse to uphold equal access laws and have contempt for residents in need.

Call in every day until Tuesday and demand real accountability to be taken for the violation of DyNell Lane's right to fair and equitable bathroom access! #DisabilityJustice